Welcome to “Sysselting”
Already, when you arrive at the entrance to "Sysselting" you get hit by the history, in such a way that you do not pay close attention that you are in the heart of Holstebro.
This feeling is also reflected in our magnificent buildings. It is now, you have the opportunity to follow the house's return to Ulrik Plesner's vision of a historical and harmonious house, on a historic site, where past and present gather and go together.

The building

Let's start with the building itself, which is from 1912-17. In 1910, architect Ulrik Plesner was asked to draw a harmonious home for Holstebro’s old people with views over the city and out to the open country, but also with deep respect for the place of ancient history. Ulrik Plesner listed the building in "Better building practices" - a style that sought "the Danish" in architecture with emphasis on the Jutland house which would be in equilibrium with the city and country.
Our beautiful, horseshoe-shaped building appears to be in one floor, with utilized attics. The building is deliberately kept as low as possible. This is done by incorporating a Knee wall that raises the roof construction around one meter above the floor of the attic before the tapering section begins. To create additional space in the attic is equipped with console twigs, which is flush with the facade and are whitewashed. At the same time the cornice just below the eaves made extra wide and chalky white - to emphasize the transition between the red walls and red tile roof. All in all, this is a very beautiful and harmonious building that leads one's thoughts to an idyllic manor. This is emphasized by the large sheltered south-facing garden surrounded by large old trees.

In the 1980’s the building changed to a home for mentally retarded which it was all the years till 2007 where there was build a new home for these people.

The building was later on sold and the 15th of March 2009 we opened the doors to Danhostel Holstebro for the first time. At that time we had the first 7 renovated double rooms.