Bath and toilets
At Aalborg camping there is a toilet building placed central on the island. Toilets and bathrooms appear always clean and well maintained. This does not change the fact that it is always free to use the facilities of the toilet building.


In our laundry, there are tree washing machines and two tumble driers. A wash lasts about five quarters, the tumble dryer lasts about one hour. The laundry is open almost all the time, ask in the reception. The laundry can by used by all guests at BBBB in Aalborg and Aalborg Camping, we also have an agreement with the yacht club that their guests also may use the laundry.
You can buy soap and washing or drying ticket at the kiosk.

At BBBB in Aalborg we have in our lounge installed two computers with internet free for our guests.
Furthermore there is also installed wifi so anyone with a laptop or smartphone can access the internet. Of course, for free!

In the lounge, there is the opportunity to see the news or check tomorrow’s weather. Drinking a cup of coffee and eat a piece of chocolate from our kiosk. You can also read brochures from the many excursions in North Jutland.

Guest Kitchen
The guest kitchen is freely available to the cabins guests.
There are:

  • Tables and benches (outdoor)
  • Microwave
  • Cooker with oven

You must bring your own pots, plats, knives or what tableware you might need. You can buy disposable tableware in the kiosk.
Because of the Danish regulatory approvals of the kitchen, it is not allowed for groups to use the kitchen.